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OPPEIN is the leading manufacturer and wholesaler in China, offering kitchen cabinets, wardrobe, bathroom products, kitchen appliance, kitchen accessories, home furniture, and commercial kitchen equipment worldwide. OPPEIN is famous for

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and online service. Its other kitchen products are also recognized as customers' best choice for their integrated kitchen design. 
OPPEIN kitchens, which direct form manufacturer, adopt advanced technology and are processed under strict quality control system. It thinks more on details of design and techniques to help customers in building healthy, functional, and beautiful kitchen. It respects and encourages customers' unique ideas on kitchen which will fully satisfy their real needs and reflect their taste on life.
OPPEIN offers not only high quality products, but also thoughtful pre-sales and after-sales services. If you have no idea of what you want, you may start with preparation and consultation; if you need some tips of installation or maintenance, you may refer to the maintenance tips or contact us for consultation. Customers can inquire online for our products, or leave us a message for further information. >>more


Leading Chinese Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers
To define what’s the best Chinese kitchen cabinet manufacturers, the product itself is the best speaker. First you have to understand, the general ordinary cabinet "five drawbacks"  >>more
Global Exhibition
Oppein, among the top and largest kitchen cabinet manufacturers in Asia, attends many professional exhibitions around the world every year.   >>more
Honors and Certificates
For the past 15 years, Oppein has become the actual leader of cabinetry manufacturer, not only by high reputations, but more by its unsurpassed advantages of large-scale and power to offer products with professional design.  >>more

Featured Products

  • Kitchen Cabinets wholesale

■ Kitchen Cabinets: OPPIEN offers a complete range of wall cabinet, base cabinet and pantry cabinet for your choice. Every single part of our kitchen cabinets could combine organically with your kitchen environment. OPPEIN's kitchen cabinets are all designed in styles, like classical, contemporary, neoclassic, country, and simplified, to suite every taste. With years of design experience and online custom kitchen cabinets service, if you are loooking for kitchen cabinets direct from manufacturer, OPPEIN can be your best choice for high quality products.
Commercial Kitchen Equipment: OPPEIN's commercial kitchen equipments such as dish washer are all tailored upon overseas requirements, which is quite popular in overseas commercial projects. OEM service is also available! OPPEIN is now developing more new commercial kitchen equipment, your suggestions and feedbacks are highly appreciated.

Why Choose OPPEIN?

OPPEIN is now the leading kitchen equipment manufacturer in China and the largest in Asia. All OPPEIN products are made from high-quality and environment-friendly materials.
OPPEIN not only provides the solution for your kitchen, but also provides the total solution of integrated wardrobe, bathroom and even the entire integrated home furniture for your entire home. Kitchen cabinets direct from manufacturer, lowest price but best quality!
There are about 5000 experienced staff working in OPPEIN; they provide you the premium service at all range, from pre-sales service, production, design, business operation to after-sales service like kitchen cabinets installation and maintenance...



Care Your Kitchen Cabinets
Simple, pure and universal design breaking the mold of traditional Kitchen cabinets. They express your style, so it is important to keep them clean and in good shape. In order to keep them in good condition, daily maintenance and cleaning-up should be done in daily use. We will help you maintain them to ensure they are good-looking for years to come.
Solid wood kitchen cabinet is popular for its beauty, strength and durability in the home. Most of them today are easy to clean and maintain, while some exotic or antique woods require special care and maintenance. All it takes is a little care and a few simple steps to keep them in great shape and looking its best.